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Our services include the following :

• Free estimates on all forms of tree work and we will not try to sell you work that doesn’t need to be done.

• Shoreland Documentation for property owners.

• Pruning. Including: Vista Views, Young and Mature Trees, Fruit Trees, Hazardous wood, dead wood, Storm Damage, Thinning, Crown Raising and Crown Reduction (different than Tree Topping, which is no longer an acceptable arboricultural practice). Note: our pruning work is NOT DONE while wearing climbing spikes/spurs, which can damage trees. Don’t be sold by others doing pruning work while wearing spikes.

• Tree Removals. Including: Falling, Dismantling, Takedowns using Technical Rigging and Crane Assisted Removals (the latter two options provide minimum impact).

• Cable Bracing: Sometimes trees can be saved rather than removed using simple cabling methods.

• Land Clearing: Selective cutting using minimal impact methods.

• Planting.

• Chipping.

• 100% Cleanup.

Large or small, we can handle all your tree care needs. We’re friendly, fast and deliver the results you expect from a team of professional workers. Please take a few minutes, to visit our site and feel free to contact us to schedule a free estimate.